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Life is extremely unpredictable and without any warning your life or that of a loved one can be turned upside down and irrevocably altered by traumatic events with legal implications. When faced with any ordeal or unforeseen challenge, James Franzetti of Franzetti Law Offices, P.C. recommends that you, as a prospective litigant, take heart because “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Be confident, know that RIGHT is on your side, and only choose a law firm that believes in you. Franzetti Law Offices, P.C. is a litigation law firm honored to stand by your side. While believing in you and in your case, we carefully prepare, aggressively perform, and thoroughly deliver results. Although we primarily represent personal injury and civil rights plaintiffs, our diverse clients include those accused of criminal activity, businesses engaged in litigation, and victims of reputational harm. Initial consultations are free of charge. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment.

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